I am the inspiration


A colleague emailed me a link for her trial blog website. It was her first post and I was lucky enough to be one of the few selected visitors who viewed it. After visiting her page I replied saying, “Way to go! Congrats!” She then again responded that she was indeed inspired by my blog. I was overwhelmed and I don’t know exactly how I should respond. All I know is that I just started blogging a week ago and I just blog about anything that I want to share and what exactly comes out of my mind. I didn’t know that all along, I was inspiring somebody like her to make her own blog too. In that minute of compliment, I humbly replied that like her, I was also inspired by few people who think I could write. She was one of them actually and I guess I am paying it forward again.

Having that conversation made me realized to recall how exactly I was inspired and how they moved me to do something about it. It started by reading a step by step guide on how to use wordpress as sent to me by Mr. ET, and as I applied what I read, I automatically created my page. I got so excited that I even published my trial experience as my 1st post. 🙂 But long before I started it, I have been accepting compliments of my writings from like my previous officemate Mrs. S , who just love and envied my facebook info page; to my fellas Mr. RM & ET, who are the newbie bloggers before me;  to my friend EE who always complimented me with my English capacity; to a foreign friend S, who asks advice to me whenever he is down;  to Ms.A who even printed my thoughts on how to solve a heart problem; to CT  from which I practiced my witty thinking and typing ability; to HP  who taught I was a bright student; to QT who trust me with her paragraphs and spellings; and for everyone who responded that they love what I have been sharing them through emails. Wow! I have a huge list of inspirations as a matter of fact. 🙂

What i learned today? Sometimes, we only need stimulation. A simple push for us to start what we should have done for  the longest time. For me, it was only my idea that I can write, I never get the chance to start it since nobody is asking me too, and only one appreciates it which is my huge fan, N. (well, he is my partner. 🙂 ) And now that almost everyone I know compliments the way I talk, write and think. I didn’t have second thoughts in finally doing it. Their compliments are my stimulation in making it happen. Having all of them made me realized that they believe in me, they took time paying attention to every word I said and they valued me. They are indeed my inspirations in writing. They are the one who pushed me to do something on which I am capable of.

And now that I am also an inspiration, I wished to share more of what I have learned along the way with my blog. I was again inspired to write more, talked more and obviously think more topics to share. I learned that when you have all the support in anything you want to do, you feel the courage to do your best. I experienced it and I guess its time for me to pass it around.

I hope I had inspired another soul today. 🙂


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