The “ALDO” experience


I came back to Aldo Shop today to check again if they already manage to fix the watch I bought last Saturday. It has been twice that I came to drop by and follow up my request. I really loved that wrist watch for reasons that aside from 5 different colours of strap, it has alarm, backlight, so funky and not to mention it is digital. The first time I’ve seen it I really fell in love. Well simply because I really love watch and I can’t deny that I am very much eager to own it. So the next day I go back again with my friend M, bought it and to my excitement, I tried all the features as stated in the manual. When I get tired and turn it on the menu, I was surprise to see that I accidently changed the original time as set when I took it from the shop. That minute I suddenly panic because I can’t bring it back. I tried again for two days reading the manual, but I really can’t fix it. And the easiest way for me to solve the problem was to return it back to where I brought it.

And so, here was I back again to claim for my watch. I really felt so sad when they informed me that none of their staff know how to fix it. Since 7 days had already passed since I bought it, they offer me to replace it for something else. Of course I choose for a watch replacement but among the displays I can’t seem to find one as funky as it was. I was about to lose my hope when I spotted the satchel bag hidden at the back of the counter. It was actually the one I tried to buy before but it was a bit pricey so I changed my mind. I ask if I can replace the watch into that bag and to my surprise, it was 10 bucks cheaper from the price of the watch I paid. I was feeling lucky because they have it on sale. Yey! 🙂 Image

I was saddened for not having the wristwatch as I already dreamt of wearing it, but I felt happier having the satchel bag. Maybe I just want the watch and I needed the bag more. Coincidence? I guess so. Thank goodness nobody knows how to fix the watch. 🙂


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