Rich vs Poor


A couple of months ago, I encountered someone whom I’ve known quite a bit and that was way back 1994. I met her again not in UAE, but through the power of social networking. She’s kind of a rich when I first met her during high school. Why I said so? Coz she can buy anything she wants and money wasn’t a big problem. I almost envied her. And if you’re wondering why I talked about her now? Apparently she is asking for help. She is living differently now from the way I have always known her. I pitied her. I pity in a way that she find it hard to adjust in the life she has now. No job, with 2 kids sent to school plus a husband with a minimum wage salary. I am not sure if she finished school. It was really such a sad story to hear.

See, my parents enrolled me in a private school from elementary through high school and the irony of studying there was I can always spot the difference between the wealthy, not-so-wealthy and the striving. I was in between the last two categories. I admit I was a bit stubborn then. Silence has been my worst tantrums every time Mom never allows me to buy something cool nor attend parties or even join school contests and events. Her rule was simple: “We are not rich, stick with that.”

Over the time, I get through it. I mean, while I have been keeping myself in a silent mode, I was wondering why on earth it has to be like that. Why in the first place I am enrolled in a school which has limits and boundaries for my kind? As a working rat now, it became clear to me. Studying in a private school doesn’t mean I should compete financially. If everybody could afford all the nicest stuff, I shouldn’t envy. I was sent to school to study, get good grades, graduate and eventually enter college. Guess you probably heard the famous line, “the only possession a parent could give you is education.” My parents never had a job that pays them on a monthly basis but seeing them work hard on every way possible just to send us to school makes us realize that we too should strive harder by all means.

Let’s face it, when you’re young, you’ll never appreciate, you’ll never understand. You only think of what’s new and what’s hot and you’re so selfish. Meeting her again made me realized that somehow it is far better when you grew up not having everything in just a snap. And though I envied her before, I realized what if I am born like her having everything? Maybe I will buy all I want, I will not care to learn how to achieve, I will just ask for money and for sure, I’ll cry out loud when I have no more money to spend. Thank God we have just enough! 🙂

When you’re poor, you won’t ask for things you know you can’t have. You learn contentment, you are taught to be frugal, you develop patience and you know how simplicity works. In not having what I want I learned to be independent and make my own way to establish myself. If I want something, I’ll do anything to have it. I dream, I study, saved all I can and unknowingly from there I started learning to have a goal.

But being not so poor and not so wealthy wasn’t really easy at all even if you are put on a state of a somehow a balanced lifestyle. The point is no matter which category you belong, the important thing is you know how to value everything. I know a few people who were born rich but are thought to understand how to live life. They know the essence of valuing things, people and possessions. We should all be like that. The world is revolving, in a minute or two, we could lose what we have or we might be staying on where we stand or we just end-up wishing to go back. The decision & choice is all ours. We are all held responsible for the way we live our lives in the first place. Whether we are wrong or currently on the right track, we are always bound to move forward. It’s a fast phasing world, if you don’t move nothing will happen to you.

I hope you have a life that is a good one. Maybe the not so great but at least a better kind. 🙂

May the force be with you.


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