The Power of “C”


I have always seen that word a couple of times in some quotations or articles about love & friendship and I supposed it is intentionally bound to both. Well, I just came to understand the real meaning / essence / importance of that “C” word this time. It was like having to hate how my other half, N concentrate in watching his NBA’s and never missed a single episode of his TV series. Not to mention that he super loved to take a nap which eventually leads to 2hrs sleep. Those times, I really hated him. But with love & “C” combined, I thought of getting on his interest. I offer pop corns or any food that we could eat and sit beside him & watch. Those games on NBA’s wasn’t bad at all. I even asked him to watch it live someday if given a chance and yes, I did experienced waking up late in the morning after watching all those series he loves. I accept the change in me, it’s a fact and that’s what I called “C”.

It wasn’t always me of course giving the “C”. He hates walking out in the mall or in any places I want and yet he prefer going out with me. I remember when I first drove the car, I was so exhausted looking for a parking and after which he asked me do some shopping. (He simply knows how to relieve the tension) 🙂 He never likes the coffee I loved, but he always asks if I want him to buy me one, and if I nod, he bought it with a slice of cake and he will share a sip with me. Again, it’s called “C”.

Same story goes with my friend, T. She used to be the type who could easily get a date with guys. It was left & right and I was on the back dating none. I didn’t like the idea, for I was the hopeless romantic type who believe was born to find true love. 🙂 To tabulate, while her stat rises up, I sum up to zero. (well, not until I met N, I auto sum to 1.hehe) I am very sure that she hated me more for being the most boring & old-fashioned company she has but despite of those differences, we remain friends. And we did enjoy each other’s company for almost 13 years now and still counting. Of course, I had a fair share of hypnotizing T that there is life beyond all those men she met. That if she wants true love she should start loving herself first. Amazingly she listens to me and unbelievably admired me for being so “boring”. I accepted her the way she was and she loves me for staying around with her during those times. Guess we both had our share of the “C” word.

From what I’ve learned, people really come in different packages. We all differ in both characters & preferences but all of us are just the same in terms of capability to love and care. So sad that we only separate ourselves on how we handle those differences. If you neither hate nor dislike the other person’s behavior or interest, just learn to respect. They might also feel the same way you do. No matter how well you love or how deep you know the person if you can’t compromise, the relationship shrinks. There is always a fighting scene. 🙂  In some cases, analyse it this way, if you think compromising would make the situation bad then don’t do it. But if you think you could impart goodness to the other persons behalf, then at least try. Your partner or friend might appreciate you more in simply trying. Point is, relationships are two-way process, both of you should act. If both parties are not willing to change, then there is no sense compromising at all. Let go. Nobody wants to be in a one-sided, selfish relationship anyway.

Well, If “C” is not available for you to have today, let it pass. Give the “C” to others anyway and keep it flowing.

Hope you got the word.



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