The Petty Bed Spacer


Thank God I only have a half day of work today. Happy that I could rest & sleep more since I was busy this past couple of days. I already ate lunch before I left from office and go straight to bank & claim my credit card clearance for security purposes. What my mind thought about doing after is simply to check my blog stat and dream while I sleep. I did it, 2 ½ hours and after I woke up, I just take a snack and search again to further expand my blog. I guess by now you wonder where the irony lies. 🙂

Currently I am still blessed to have a roof to cover my head. I lived on 13th floor in one of the oldest building here in AUH. It was a 3 bedroom flat, huge hall with a balcony, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Sounds good? It was, but I never owned it. (I know I got you there, haha) Since I am all alone living by myself, it’s practical if I will be just a bed spacer. I was really living there but only on one of the 3 rooms I mentioned earlier, with 5 other girls.  We actually occupied the largest room, with 5 double decks for use but only 6 beds are taken. It was spacious compared to others I’ve seen so I am still thankful about it. To give you a figure of the whole flat living load capacity, it has 18 occupants staying on board using the 2 bathrooms & one kitchen in interval times. Still sounds good? I know for now it sounds ridiculous. 🙂

Well, this is UAE and I believe other countries out there have the same trend of living temporarily while working overseas. This is not US neither Canada nor any other part of the continent that you could be a citizen and where they say you could buy a whole house right away and pay it 5-10 or more year terms. Reality, this is pretty much like Manila, same to the one I occupied near our university but way much better back then. More often than not, if a flat is owned by a Filipino, expect it to be like that. Very few would limit their occupants and as for business, the more renters you have, the higher you earn.  One could actually afford to have a good house to shelter their family here but it’s only on a year basis contract. Either you renew again or transfer to a location on which the farthest it is from the city, the cheaper it gets. That is, if you really want to live on your own and you got a car.

I tried it back in DXB. I lived in the city without a car, rented a huge studio flat in a new building with attached kitchen and bath plus a free use of gym and rooftop pool access as a privilege. But I never stayed there and pay it alone. I choose to live with four other people whom I considered as a family and share all the expenses we could consume : electricity, internet billing, home repairs, etc. I could say we live pleasantly there and for us, it was a great achievement. Why? Because aside for a fact that it’s hard gaining new and real friends, it’s really expensive getting your own house! And long before I was sent to work here in AUH, I have no choice but to not renew the flat, and just reminisce on those 2 years of great living experience.

Have you seen now the difference? Being a bed spacer means literally have your bed the only space with the corridors + the hall as a privilege not unlike in a studio flat paid under my name. Point is, if you want a home to live, spend on it. After all, everybody needs a good home to relax after hard days of work. As of me, I love where I stay now, though I can only sit or lay and sleep or watch on my bed, it feels like I am paying for the serenity of the surrounding I have. I could sleep all day, read a lot of books, and of course write on my blog. I never meant to opposed other Filipinos who lived in a crowded place especially in Dubai. We’ll that’s another kind of story  to tell. But honestly, I pity those but later on salute them for they earn just for survival and living in a cheaper place means they could afford sending money back home. A lot of Filipino, whether you are in a crowded room or not, there is always a word of  “sacrifice” enclose to that. Sad truth is, it was not made known to all.

Anyway, that’s the truth about being an OFW. Everybody wants to have a good a life for their own family, and in order to have it, we make plans and sacrifice in reaching it. For whatever goals you have in mind and sacrifices you have been through, I believe you’ll achieve it soon. Just don’t forget to have a good time while you’re on the way to having it. Life is supposed to be enjoyed no matter how difficult the situation is.

Well, till my next petty thinking. 🙂


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