Pretty Petty’s Launch


Guess it? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have been on high emotions since I woke-up 5:30 this morning knowing that I slept late last night. To calculate I just had 4 hours of sleep, no coffee intake yet but I am absolutely energized. Maybe because I’ve got the extreme excitement to surprise everyone I know that I will be emailing them with a direct link to my blog. I love surprises and it’s the only thought that cross my mind and you know the feeling when you want to surprise someone, it’s so ecstatic, so exciting that you just want to shout out loud.

Happiness start my day and I am really feeling lucky because I’ve got a free short ride to work courtesy of Mr. CT.  As we reached the site, and punched my ID on our clock I can’t help but run my way to my PC and spread the mail. 🙂 With a short chat while preparing something to eat, I opened my mail, double checked the hyperlink and silently hit that send button. My blog is now launch publicly and though I only have three posts made yesterday, it still feels great that I finally shared it.

Bunch of responses was sent to me via our company email and I really feel overwhelmed. I am really such a favored daughter of our Creator. 🙂 It’s just my start but I felt like I would love to thank each and everyone who visited my blog. Hahaha And the exciting part of it was, I could actually check how many views I gathered during my launch! Well, as of today before I finally called it a great day, my stat says something like this:


Do you think I am happy??? Absolutely! Yey!!!!! I wonder who are these 54 viewers who took time in reading my post. All I know is I just send a link for 18 person in my contact list today and I am not sure if they all did click the link. Well, the another stat below, help me figure it out…

No more guessing right? Thank you UAE, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey and Canada.

So excited to post more articles soon.

Till my next petty blog. mwa! 🙂


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