Pondering about Lenten Season


It has almost been 6 years since the last time I have spent my holy week in the Philippines. Normally we are working up to Holy Wednesday and after it, we rushed our way to have the long vacation. No shows on televisions, just pure serenity all around except for the usual “pasyon” you could hear when you come across the plaza. It’s a Filipino tradition which they sang verses from the Bible. Well, I here it almost every time simply because we lived near the plaza.:P  I personally loved this free-time, since it also a chance for the whole family to gather all together and celebrate. I wished this year would be my last being away anyway. 🙂

Being here in the gulf doesn’t mean I’m excused for doing my share of repenting and reflecting on what this occasion is all about. Except for the fact that we don’t have a long vacation, we are just allowed for a half day of work during Easter Sunday which everybody rejoices on it and almost all just went home to rest, a few would go to church and pray while some just went straight to malls to relax and unwind. Well, we all have our reasons for that but I guess I just wanna share thoughts that I am actually pondering about during this week and I believe it’s still never late to have a look at it.

Just take your pen, read it carefully and answer write away. 🙂

a. Think about your life now, and how different it was five years ago. Have you had your dreams nor your goals met? Or your still working on reaching them? Have you grow and change for the better? Has nothing changed and it felts like you had just wasted your life? Think about it for a moment and ask yourself what have you been doing all these years. Could you make a promise to change and make action on it?

b. Have you failed on your past or have you been on a situation where you are so down and helpless? How  do you get though it? Have you learned from it?

c.How do you see your future now that you are done with the past? In what way do you want to live it? If by chances your going to have a few more years or months or days to live, how do you plan to spend it?

d. And lastly, have you asked yourself what do you want to do for free? for yourself or for other people?

Letting yourself reflect even for just a minute with this questions and answering them honestly will give you a reminder on how you are supposed to be living your life. Your answers could probably be your motivation to go through life and realize what is more important to you. And fact is, we should never stopped re-assessing our dreams, our plans,nor  our goals.We are so blessed to be given a life in exchange of Christs suffering so we must take care and be responsible for it.

I hope I had been able to help you reflect today. I’ll answer mine, if you share your answer to me.

For now, I’ll just continue my writing and wish everyone, here and in the Philippines and all over the world, a blessed Holy Week!





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