Just About Petty


I always have been dreaming of writing my own book/journal/notes and now it’s called blogging. Well, a lot of bloggers started long time ago and funny that I just started to do something about it.. in just a couple of days. 🙂 It’s never too late, i guess. I may not be the genius type for words nor phrases but I always find myself writing about something that literary caught my attention and when I just hit the keyboard, words jus comes out of my mind. Maybe my passion of reading books or any article and stories via net plus feed backs from friends that I can write inspires me and so here it was.

Just for a recap, during high school days I remember that I always loved my English subject especially the part that we have a journal which is an assignment during weekends or any timely events and I always got the highest scores. (up to now I can’t believe it happen hehe) Throughout the whole school year my favorite events includes Valentines, Christmas + New year not to mention All Saints day. Above all the occasions mentioned,  Valentines top it all. Don’t ask me why. 🙂 I guess speaking out through your heart, telling what’s in your mind, and how you actually experience it tells the difference. (oops! I’m only high school and I didn’t even have a bf that time so what i write about is about being single and being in love without a partner.) Let’s just say I’m a big reader of magazines, listener of my friends love problems and from there I took my notes. 🙂  To summarize my love for writing, I have my diary since elementary, I love writing letters of all types, taking down notes, writing on our school boards even on reports, and now, I have added my “thank you” notes before i sleep. I remember I also tried writing my own novel, I just can’t remember how it end. 🙂 Don’t think that my hand writes are perfect, I just wanted to write and that’s it.

And now that I have my own blog and that I will be writing anything and everything that I could, from this day forward I hope I could still have that “high school highest score” and that everyone of you could be my teacher who will read and make comments and I will gladly accept it all.

Pretty exciting huh?! Let me just start my blog and end my first post with a similar thought in my head from Anais Nin quote, “My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”

Till my next writing.


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